Resveratrol with grape seed extract from Zopuro Nutrition has its active ingredient named as the Resveratrol obtained from Japanese Knotweed, Trans resveratrol. When combined with grape seed extracts from the purest sources, it will perform functions as a strong antioxidant. In this combination, it can be used to hinder the ageing process and also promote better cardiovascular and immune system functions. Resveratrol can be taken alone or with a multivitamin on a daily basis.


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    • Resveratrol has been commonly referred to as the “Red Wine Antioxidant”. It exists naturally in many kinds of plants like the red grapes and mulberries. Another good source is the peanut. The discovery of this compound and its medical use first caught the attention of researchers in France. It was discovered that people living in France rarely suffered from heart related medical ailments even though their main meals were packed with saturated fats. This became known as the “French Paradox”.


       The studies revealed that the source of this resilience to heart diseases and other related ailments was from the red wine. Resveratrol occurs naturally as an antioxidant and it can be used to improve the heart condition and reduce the health conditions that are commonly associated with ageing.