When Scott Norris founded Zopuro in 1993, he had built his career as a farmer specializing in organic produce. When he saw just how much nutrition could empower the health of others, he synthesized his expertise to cultivate two products that deliver the maximum nutritional quality. With 16 products under the Zopuro brand name today, the rest is history.


There’s a reason Zopuro has reached the apex of success that it has. Starting as just two products crafted to change your health and the quality of your life – ultimately winning a robust and explosive reputation throughout the marketplace, and accelerating growth just as fast, Zopuro has become a leading voice in the industry.

And there's no end in sight.


Based on the principle of RWOW – Results Within One Week – it’s no wonder Zopuro has reached so many people, and changed so many lives.


Today, Zopuro, part of Canada Order Plus International Co., produces nutritional health supplements, including the Cardio Enhancer – a formula designed to expedite cardiovascular health and heart health for people of all ages, vocations, and aspirations. Zopuro’s second original product, Ultra Joint Support, helps stave off joint problems and reduce joint fatigue and discomfort.


With these two products alone, Zapuro has established themselves in the industry as a brand and company with the power to help people stay fit and let their best lives.


Best of all, if you start taking Cardio Enhancer and Ultra Joint Support right now, you will be on your way to RWOW – Results Within One Week.

Why Choose Us

Professional support

Professionally trained and capable natural health practitioners have been engaged as a crucial part of our team. They work closely with our nutritionists to ensure that our products will meet the needs of every customer. Our research and development team includes the naturopathic doctors and other fully licensed health care practitioner. They have been empowered with the necessary resources to ensure a good quality assurance system is in operation as well as crucial educational activities. A good number of them run private practices to stay current with the latest innovations and developments in the field of natural health. This gives them the opportunity to render only the best services to every patient.

High Quality Assurance

All our products are manufactured in Canada and they have been licensed by Health Canada. Our factories have been accredited and vetted by the regulatory authorities to meet the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards with the use of the best modern processing equipment. Quality assurance is taken seriously, and every batch of product is tested in independent laboratories to ensure a high quality standard for the products.

Superior Ingredients

We use on the finest quality of raw materials supplied by our trusted Canadian companies. Our quality assurance team carefully inspects every ingredient and the accompanying certificates to ensure that they are up to the standards set by Zopuro in terms of identification, purity and potency.

Zopuro is a Canadian Company

We are proud to inform you that Zopuro is Canadian owned and run. Our natural health products have been exclusively developed by Canadian licensed healthcare professional. Every product is licensed by Health Canada and manufactured in Government accredited Canadian facilities.

Endorsed by Health Practitioners

Zopuro has gained a fantastic reputation among health professionals. They acknowledge the depth of research that goes into the development of our products. They approve of the confirmed sources of our ingredients and the formulations used are the best methods. They confidently recommend our products to highly consider for any of the related medical conditions.

Innovative methods of preparation

Only the best innovations and research studies are employed to develop our products. Our formulas offer the highest standards for nutrition; they have been designed and developed by a highly proficient team of health professionals.

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